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Zentveld's Coffee are the Australian Coffee Specialists, based on our family plantation in the hills behind Byron Bay since 1993. Practicing real fair trade, we proudly support our local growers with a true world premium price, sourcing green bean from a wide range of local Northern River's growers, and one Qld grower – we are proud of our very minimal 'coffee miles'!

Our award winning roasts and blends are sourced from local high quality arabica beans, naturally pesticide and GM free. Some growers we purchase from are in conversion to organics, so larger quantities of certified organic bean stock will become available within 2 years, which we will be excited to receive.

The local growers we purchase from follow natural organic principles working towards environmental sustainability. Measures practiced include composting coffee fruit skins and waste on site, mixing with dried chook manure and straw, to be composted and mulched under the coffee trees (which is what we do on our family plantation in Newrybar). All of the plantations we purchase from are surrounded by other crops or pasture so no mono-cropping problems are evident on the North Coast.

Minimal water usage is standard for local growers, and due to plentiful rainfall we very rarely have to irrigate. The Zentveld family was a leader in installing water reducing processing equipment 16 years ago, cutting down water usage by 90% on processing the harvested fruit prior to pulping and drying.

The creek line on our farm has been regenerated as a wildlife corridor. It is a beautiful, tree filled, shady haven with hardly a weed and is a treat for the headwaters of Skinners Creek, which starts on our land and receives no nasty run off. Happy is the birdlife and wallabies who have moved in! The local growers are all in the process of, or have completed, regenerating creek lines to form wildlife corridors and have pockets of local rainforest species within their plantations, much like Zentveld's. The local landscape is all the more green and wildlife filled since it was cleared 150 years ago. Zentveld's is very proud of the green ethics of our local growers as landowners.

We look forward to sharing our coffee passion with you… yours in good taste, The Zentveld Family.

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