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Situated in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia lies one of the wildest and most delicious creations in the Region. When it comes to combining yesterday's baking methods with today's flavours and focus on wellbeing, 'Wildbite' arouses a profound impact on the senses: it is 'love at first bite'.

Bakeries are synonymous with appetising fragrances and the 'wildbite' ovens are no exception. Within the baking heath is a larder of handmade gourmet biscotti and cookies. Here, aromas and flavours of traditional European baking combine with those of Australian wild bush foods. Tantalising aromas of sweet, exotic flavours inspire curiosity, excitement and dalliance.

Since 1998 Wildbite's experienced bakery technicians have developed an extensive range of handmade quality products using the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. Today our range consists of an extensive selection of gourmet biscotti, cookies and panforte to suit every individual taste.

The unique 'wildbite' bounty of flavours includes locally sourced lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and kaffir lime, South Australian desert wattle seed and Tasmanian mountain pepper. These ingredients are shaped into biscotti following Tuscan traditions of double baking (to develop their signature crisp texture). A focus on offering healthy enjoyment (available gluten free and 96% saturated fat free) and the use of fresh organic ingredients establishes 'wildbite's position in Australia as the leading specialists in biscotti.

Complementing the vast array of biscotti, cookies and panforte developed for the national and international markets.

Wildbite absolutely embodies the richness of the Northern Rivers culture, the lifestyle, the landscape, the flavours and the innovation.

At 'wildbite' continued local support is crucial for its on going development to create tomorrow out of today.

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