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Summerland Olive Products Australia Pty Ltd was established in November of 2000. Located in sub tropical Northern NSW, an area renown for producing high quality table olives. Olives grown in this region have a high moisture and low oil content, making them ideal for the natural pickling process.

Members of Summerland Olives have olive groves established in the Summerland Region, central NSW and SE Qld. Growing conditions whilst not considered ideal for oil producing olives have proved very favourable for the production of high quality table olives.The Directors and members of Summerland Olives are an energetic group of olive producers, who have vertically integrated their olive groves into a processing and marketing company. We aim to establish close ties with other olive growers, our customers and other stakeholders in the Australian Olive Industry.

From the outset Summerland Olives had the intention of processing olive oil and table fruit. Having purchased an oil press in 2001 to process olive oil and seeing first hand the relatively low oil yields produced by our local olives, it was decided to base Summerland Olives predominantly on the processing of table fruit.

It is in this area of olive production that Summerland Olives has concentrated and excelled. This is evidenced by the numerous awards we receive each year for our products entered at National level competitions.

All our olive products go through a natural, curing process which maintains a true olive flavour. We HAVE NEVER USED caustic soda or any other chemicals to process the fruit.

We have chosen to process olives in this time honoured and natural way, it is a time consuming natural process.

The use of chemicals to speed up the de-bittering of the olive destroys its natural flavour. Whereas our natural process results in a superior clean olive flavour which is not masked or tainted by soapy residues associated with chemically processed olives.

Our production staff have conducted extended study tours of Australia's leading table olive producers and have also travelled to Italy and Sicily to gain first hand knowledge from some of these countries leading processors of table olives.

Our vision is to produce and promote high quality pickled olives and value added olive products in the Summerland Region of New South Wales in particular, and in Australia in general.

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