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Byron Bay Honey is located behind the beach near legendary Nightcap National Park. It is an Australian family owned business since 1993. Initially we supplied only a handful of local stores and greengrocers with simple tubs. Now we have a variety of honey products enjoyed by customers across Australia.

Byron Bay Honey is a success story of a company following ethical, fair trade principles and distributing natural, unprocessed food to an ever-growing market for health conscious customers.

We are specialising in superior table honey renowned for its authentic flavours. Our 100% Australian honeys are mainly sourced from regional eucalyptus forests, which are remote and pollution-free. The honey is harvested and directly delivered to us by a select group of beekeepers. We are using special techniques to preserve Byron Bay Honey's exceptional health giving properties, in its raw and natural state - just as nature intended.

Most commercial honeys found in supermarkets are subjected to excessive heating and filtering, a process called 'pasteurization'. We are avoiding this kind of over-processing and our honey remains full of natural bee pollen, healthy enzymes, vitamins and anti-bacterial properties. You will not find added sugars (glucose), GMO or preservatives. We are fully compliant with international HACCP food safety standards according to the 'Codex Alimentarius', which was developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We bottle only Australian superior table honeys, e.g. Yellowbox, Ironbark, Brushbox, Redgum, Macadamia and other superior quality honeys.

An increasing number of today's consumers are well informed about the negative side effects of processed food. They are demanding pure and natural honey products. Byron Bay Honey contains only natural raw and unprocessed honey and is appealing to the health conscious connoisseur worldwide.

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